Australian cattle dog: character and price

Australian cattle dog: character and price

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Australian cattle dog, it can be understood that it comes from Australia, but otherwise it is a very rare dog outside its country of origin. Yet it is among the smarter dogs of the planet, we therefore learn to know it and to evaluate if it can have a continental future for us.

It is a medium-sized animal, 50 cm at the withers, of a breed officially recognized by the FCI and known for its ability to lead livestock. L'Australian cattle dog is a working dog, devoted to duty, and robust. His physique is compact and toned, suitable and functional to best perform the tasks for which he was created and for which he is adopted. Both physically and in character, theAustralian cattle dog he is a very dynamic and solid 4-legged friend, well-proportioned, not sufficiently appreciated by the world doglovers community today.

Australian cattle dog: origin

The origins of ours date back to around 1840 Australian Cattle Dog, created after several crossings aimed at finding an Australian dog breed that was able to deal with wild cattle. And to know how to conduct them well, both in enclosed and closed spaces.

From birth, therefore theAustralian cattle dog, makes itself known and makes space among the breeds of dogs present in the world as one of those to which cattle can be entrusted. Born as a dog sturdy and tough, tough in physique but also in character, especially with other animals. Its creator is Mr Mc Hall and has crossed the Collie Blue-merle short-haired with i Dingo calling the breed obtained with the name of "Heelers"Which means" heel ", because they were able to treat cattle by biting them in that part of the limb.

Almost unbeknownst to him, he had created an animal with incredible potential: theAustralian catte dog, unsurpassed in its role as a working dog. It is worth mentioning that some experts maintain there is also a hint of "Bull Terrier"White in the intersections that then gave birth toAustralian cattle dog whose standard, official, dates back to 1903.

On Australian farms this breed is very widespread and appreciated, unfortunately so far crossing the borders of theAustralian cattle dog is not a complete stranger but almost, only in northern Europe there are some active farms that promote his aptitudes.

Australian cattle dog: appearance

Compact and harmoniously built, dynamic and athletic, theAustralian cattle dog is a dog that has the ability and the desire to carry out the tasks to which it is appointed, hard they are, boring they are. Yes, because it is about keeping up with herds of cattle made in Australia too. Countrymen.

It is an animal that with every part of its body represents the compromise between power and balance, it is the maximum expression of great agility, strength and endurance in a dog size. Considered to be medium in size, theAustralian cattle dog at the withers it measures between 46 and 51 cm, for males, under 50 cm for females who weigh a maximum 20 Kg while their mates arrive at 22-23.

The physicist dell'Australian cattle dog it shows a strong and straight head, the skull broad and slightly convex between the ears, while the nose is strictly black, the eyes dark brown and oval in shape. The ears are not huge but muscular and erect, giving an impression of vivacity and intelligence. In the presence of strangers, they assume a position of extreme distrust and listen to every little noise.

The neck of the'Australian cattle dog it is robust and often softened by the hair that creates a very soft effect on the tail. In general, the mantle ofAustralian cattle dog it is smooth and fitted with a short, dense undercoat. The result is a waterproof and hard-to-touch effect, with non-homogeneous sensations. Caressing a specimen of Australian cattle dog it is seen that on the head and on the front of the limbs and feet, the hair is short, on the neck it is longer and thicker as on the tail. On average on the body the hair varies in length between 2 and 5 cm.

The color of the coat of theAustralian cattle dog it must be blue, marbled or speckled, with or without branding, but absolutely blue. Then there may be black, blue or tan markings, even on the head, especially on the head.

Australian cattle dog: character

Faithful and devoted, workaholic and constantly present. L'Australian cattle dog has a working dog character, perfect for those who want it for such reasons, as it has been in the past. Now that dogs are often companions, rather than for work, strictly, then yes it is difficult to make people understand its value. It is not a dog that is very self-promoting, temperamentally,Australian cattle dog, but it has a lot to give and say. You have to know how to listen to it.

It is for example a breed that has a strong sense of protection: he wants to guard and pamper his owner in every sense, because he has always been good at being a livestock guardian. It therefore automatically does the same thing with the master and his possessions. In addition to being a shepherd dog, theAustralian cattle dog it's a decent one watchdog, not particularly experienced, however, in social tasks such as acting as a companion dog to the elderly.

It is not a dog for everyone but it is an animal very smart and alert, always alert and always attentive to everything that surrounds himself and the people he loves. Although its size is not huge, the'Australian cattle dog is equipped with courage to sell, is a fearless animal and always knows how to act, he doesn't know the word hesitation.

Australian cattle dog: breeding

Anyone who wants to breedAustralian cattle dog, first of all he is welcome, since there are few who already do it, but above all he must be a person able to guarantee him many hours outdoors. L'Australian cattle dog he is in fact an authentic and stubborn lover of outdoor life and loves to know and smell new places.

Although it is not mentioned among the companion dogs, being instead in the list of intelligent, it knows how to stay in the family and is also an excellent animal to adopt, in presence of children he knows how to behave and once again proves to be extremely intelligent. "Very clever" in Australia.

Australian cattle dog: price

With an average lifespan of around 15 years, a Australian cattle dog has a cost of almost 1000 euros. It can also be found at 700 euros, certainly it is not easy to find it and the problem of cost is precisely in its rarity. This should not be an excuse for not demanding adequate health documentation and pedigree from those who sell us ours Australian cattle dog.

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