How to differentiate waste in Milan

How to differentiate waste in Milan

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Sorting waste it is an almost identical practice in all the cities of Italy, but some have introduced small changes that govern the recycling, is the case of the industrial capital of the boot. This is why we offer you a guide for differentiate waste in Milan.

THE waste they are divided into Organic, Recyclable and Non-Recyclable.
THE waste organic waste is mainly food waste, it is all waste characterized by biodegradability. For differentiate waste in Milan it is necessary to follow the standard rules for the division of waste, whether they are recyclable or non-recyclable. The Milanese peculiarity is found in the containers.

How to differentiate waste in Milan
Recyclable waste must be separated in special containers so as to ensure the collection of plastic, the collection of aluminum and the collection of paper. As for non-recyclable waste, the so-called undifferentiated, the operation "transparent bag ". This is to identify a quantity of potentially recyclable materials that have ended up in the "black bag" by mistake, so the black bag in Milan becomes transparent.

The need arises to ensure "transparency”Also in undifferentiated collection. Citizens, with the "transparent bag" for the undifferentiated, will be encouraged to respect the rules of separate collection. It is for this reason that from 15 May 2012, the undifferentiated material will be collected only if placed in the transparent bag.

How to differentiate waste in Milan, what goes into the transparent bag?
All waste must be included Not Recyclable. For this the transparent bags of the Milanese will be two. One intended for undifferentiated and one for organic waste. The order provides for a penalty of 50 euros for non-compliance with this obligation.

How to differentiate waste in Milan, the pocket guide
To provide for the separate collection in Milan is Amsa - Milanese Environmental Services Company. Asthma has offered an information campaign on new collection methods, sending illustrated posters to 51,000 house numbers in the city. We offer you the illustrated guide for differentiate waste in Milan directly processed by asthma.

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