China and greenhouse gases, the accounts do not add up

China and greenhouse gases, the accounts do not add up

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Estimates on emissions they don't come back. National data differs by more than a gigaton from the data collected by researchers. The gap was brought to light by an analysis carried out by the University of Leeds, United Kingdom. Meanwhile, the Chinese government is asking foreign embassies to stop all sorts of environmental monitoring.

China is not only the homeland of dangerous products but this country hides numerous gaps, among these there is the mystery of harmful emissions: if we add up the estimates on the emissions of the 30 Chinese provinces, we get a much higher figure than that provided by the nation.

The environmental science expert for the sustainability, Dabo Guan, together with his colleagues from the University of Leeds, compared the provincial aggregates with the data provided by the Chinese national authorities, the data reported the amount of harmful emissions produced. Thus it turns out that in 2010 the gap between the two estimates reaches 1.4 billion tons, equivalent to 5% of global emissions. Analyzing more deeply, it was discovered that this gap has been present since 1990 but that over time it has widened, exceeding all limits in the last 5 years. The British analysis has brought a wave of bad news for the environmental progress of China and the Globe.

The bad news from China doesn't stop there: in 2011, Chinese assets emitted 24 million tons of nitric oxide, an increase of 5.7% compared to 2010, just when the country had foreseen a reduction of 1.5%. Zhang Ping, chairman of the Chinese commission admitted that the nation has not lived up to its objectives and has failed to transform its model itself economical progress which continues to be based on heavy and unsustainable industry.

With reference to the alarming data on nitrogen oxide emissions, China has shown a hint of transparency about its environmental problems, however the country intends to firmly maintain control over the nation’s environmental pollution monitoring. The Chinese Deputy Minister of the Environment has asked foreign embassies to cease all sorts of independent registration, no checks on soil or air pollution levels because, the same deputy minister, has defined these readings as "illegal".

The China Greenhouse Gas Study
The results of the UK study are disturbing. For 2010, official data from the Chine National Bureau of Statistics indicate 7.7 billion tons of harmful emissions. The researchers collected data related to the energy consumption of the various Chinese provinces and converted them into emissions. The results see a figure 18% higher than national statements!

According to other experts, one cannot speak with absolute certainty. Zhu Liu, of the Institute of Applied Ecology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shenyang, says the researchers' estimates may not reflect the real Chinese situation which could be even more negative or even better than official data. In any case, the gap is there. Dabo Guan, says that the gap is probably global but it becomes more evident in those developing countries, now the challenge lies in obtaining more accurate statistics that are more faithful to reality.

China is stepping up its efforts to fight them climate changes, the National Climate Change Research Strategy was launched this week to provide the country with strategies to reduce harmful emissions; in the meantime, record emissions are being recorded around the globe but given the lack of reliability of the estimates, even these data may not be faithful.

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