In Emilia the first Ecolight WEEE Parking

In Emilia the first Ecolight WEEE Parking

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Automatic, close to the citizen and able to ensure the traceability of waste. It is the new WEEE Parking, the innovative prototype for the collection of small and medium sized electronic waste (cell phones, light bulbs, televisions, monitors, small appliances ...) and exhausted batteries that the Ecolight consortium presented in recent days at Ecomondo. The first WEEE Parking will be operational from 2013 starting from some areas ofEmilia Romagna.

Designed and built by the Brescia company ID&A, the prototype was developed as part of the European project IDENTIS WEEE (Identification DEterminatioN Traceability Integrated System for Weee), which is funded within the Life + program and is promoted by the Ecolight consortium, by the multiutility Hera and by the Spanish consortium Ecolum.

"The goal of this experimental project is to increase the collection of electronic waste, in particular the small ones which are also the most difficult to intercept. To do this, innovative collection methods have been studied to ensure complete traceability of the WEEE collected ", explained the general manager of Ecolight, Giancarlo Dezio.

The WEEE Parking is destined to revolutionize the collection of electronic waste: to dispose of small appliances, mobile phones, energy-saving light bulbs, televisions, monitors and batteries, citizens will not be forced to turn to municipal collection centers, but will also be able to take advantage of special smart bins.

"The WEEE parking is a roll-off container with controlled and completely autonomous delivery - has explained Giovanni Bragadina by ID&A -. Access is provided with the use of an identification card; indicating the type of WEEE to be delivered, the prototype will weigh the waste and register it. Then automatically, the prototype will open a door where the refusal can be given. All WEEE collected in this way will be perfectly tracked and managed by a central computer. And, once the internal containers are full, the computer will record and send the request for emptying and replacement ”.

Given its size (7 by 2.5 meters), the WEEE Parking it has been designed to be placed in large spaces, for example parking lots in shopping centers. "In this way - added Dezio - the distribution circuit can also be more involved in the collection of WEEE: for example, the transfer could be made with an electronic identification card, perhaps affiliated with the same store, triggering virtuous scales for accumulating points or to access a particular discount . They are only possibilities that, in any case, will have to be examined at a later time ”.

WEEE Parking of Ecolight expands the range of intelligent bins of the IDENTIS WEEE project alongside the Mobile WEEE - an itinerant truck equipped to receive any type of WEEE and which requires the presence of an operator - and the roadside bin dedicated to small electrical waste, both promoted by Hera. All these tools used in the experimental phase of the European project IDENTIS WEE.

Starting from 2013, and for about two years, the various smart bins for the collection of WEEE will be positioned in the territories of Bologna, Ravenna, Castenaso and Lugo, as well as in the Zaragoza area in Spain. The IDENTIS WEEE project will end in 2015 with data collection and an evaluation of the trial.

“Today we are at the first step - underlines the Ecolight general manager - a first step that we hope will lead to doubling the collected quantities of electronic waste belonging to the R4 and R5 groupings. In fact, the recovery of WEEE is important not only because it prevents polluting substances from being dispersed into the environment, but also because from their proper treatment it is possible to obtain significant quantities of secondary raw materials ".

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