How to store parsley

How to store parsley

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How to store parsley:the instructions for storing parsley in salt, in oil or for storing fresh or dried parsley without freezing it.

How to store fresh parsley
Theparsleyit can be stored in the freezer for several months. You can choose to keep the parsley in the freezer in bags or in a jar, again, in whole leaves or with a nice mince. To store parsley in the freezer, we recommend that you allow the parsley to dry completely after washing.

How to store parsley for sauces and risottos
If you need parsley to be used in soups, sauces or risottos, you can choose to store it in the freezer in ice cubes. Just add chopped parsley to each of your ice forms, add water and place in the freezer. If parsley kept fresh and leafy can be used to garnish dishes, in this case, the simplest use is to prepare soups or hot dishes, alternatively you should melt the ice in order to recover the "fresh" leaves.

How to preserve parsley in oil
During preparation, be careful to cover the parsley leaves well with the oil and remember to to preserve the jars in the refrigerator. To prepare it, simply arrange the parsley leaves already clean and dry (let them dry on a kitchen towel and keep them in the open air for several hours, perhaps in a moderately ventilated area) in an airtight glass jar. Cover everything with extra virgin olive oil, taking care not to leave leaves in contact with the air. Close tightly and keep in the fridge.

How to preserve salted parsley
The right amount of salt to use for preserve the parsley in saltamounts to about 40 grams for each hectogram of parsley.

Also this time you will have to wash and dry the parsley thoroughly, to better dry the parsley use absorbent paper or let it rest for a few hours on a kitchen towel. Before placing the parsley in the jars, we recommend chopping it finely to allow it to lose more water. After the mince, in fact, let it rest and dry for a few more hours.

In a bowl, mix the parsley with the salt at the rate of 40 grams of salt for each hectogram of parsley. Mix thoroughly. Pour the mixture into sterilized and airtight glass jars. Close the jars and store them in the refrigerator or cellar.

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