Prolonged black outs, how to behave

Prolonged black outs, how to behave

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What to do in case of black out prolonged? Do not panic first of all, you can survive without electricity if you do not need medical devices powered by electricity, and to better manage the situation just take some precautions. The most important ones concern food management and involve the refrigerator. Guaranteed safety of water and food, too black out prolonged or repeated can be faced with serenity.

Why blackouts happen

THE black out of electricity, when they do not depend on breakdowns and calamities, are typical of periods of great heat. The reason is simple: imagine a few million people who, exhausted by high temperatures and heat, put air conditioning, fans, refrigerators, freezers and all that, really or in imagination, into operation at maximum power. brings refreshment. These consumptions are added to those ordered by homes, offices and factories, putting power plants in crisis at peak hours.

It can happen that to cause the collapse of power that generates the black out both the so-called 'domino effect'. The supply of electricity takes place on an international level and the European grid is interdependent: a problem in Switzerland, as it happened in 2003, can have repercussions in Italy. It must be said that measures have been taken since then and the electricity system is more prepared to cope with similar events, but there is little to be done in the face of exceptionalism.

Prolonged lack of electricity in the house for a black out especially puts at risk foods that need low temperatures to prevent them from spoiling. If the black out it is prolonged or promises to be so, first consume food out of the fridge at risk of deterioration; then move on to foods in the fridge and finally move on to foods kept in the freezer, which will stay good for at least three days. Remember that once food has been defrosted in whole or in part, it cannot be refrozen.

The state of the refrigerator is crucial in case of black out. Apart from knowing that every time you open the hatch you lose a part of the cold (make a list of the contents to avoid opening), a lot depends on the tightness of the rubber seals. These must always be kept clean and dry, a good maintenance system is to sprinkle them periodically with talc.

The black out it can be a serious problem for those who need to keep certain medications in the refrigerator. The alteration of the temperature could in fact spoil the medicines. To prevent this from happening, these must be stored inside protective polystyrene packages or shells: the packages of artisanal ice cream are fine.

Finally, remember the most important precaution. Black out it means being without lighting and if it happens in the evening this means no light. Always keep a flashlight with spare batteries handy. Camping candles and gas lamps can also help, but be careful how you use them. To move around the house and not remain completely blind, a light point with an anti-blackout function is useful

Computers must be protected from the risk of a sudden blackout, which could also cause damage and data loss. Even in a home or small office where there are PCs, printers, servers, etc., an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) should never be missing

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