Edible coconut oil, properties

Edible coconut oil, properties

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Food grade coconut oil: properties, slimming, energizing effects and other things to know before consuming coconut oil.

L'edible coconut oildifferent explicatespropertyon the body. On this page we will see the food uses of coconut oil. Many other notions on the use of coconut oil in cooking are indicated on the page: "Coconut oil“.

Thepropertyofedible coconut oilreported in this article are "good" when compared to other cooking fats. Of course, if someone needs an energy supplement they won't have to throw down a couple of teaspoons of coconut oil, maybe for this purpose a banana would be better!

Does coconut oil for food use make you lose weight?

There has been much discussion about weight loss linked to the use ofedible coconut oil, it would seem, in fact, that coconut oil could help in slimming and weight control but not like a supplement would! L'coconut oil, if used to replace other fats it could be healthier because its composition is mainly given by medium-chain fatty acids (but they are still saturated fatty acids). This difference in the molecular structure means that the fats ingested with thecoconut oilthey can be disposed more easily (metabolized by the liver) without burdening the metabolism.

Otherpropertyinteresting in the field of body weight control lies in the fact that theedible coconut oilit acts as an appetite suppressant.

Energizing properties

Although it is aoil, thanks to its molecular composition, it can be considered a food that provides a good dose of energy.

Recommendations from the World Health Organization

The web is full of articles designed to enhance theproperties of coconut oil for food usebut it should be noted that many health organizations advise against the use ofCoconut oil in cooking. Is coconut oil bad for you?The Food and Drug Administration, the World Health Organization, the International College of Nutrition, the American Heart Association, the British National Health Service and the Dietitians Association of Canada,advise againstthe use ofedible coconut oil. The reason would be due to the composition of fatty acids which, although medium-chain, are still saturated fats.

In some cases thecoconut oilit could be the right choice but only when alternatively there is palm oil or other partially hydrogenated vegetable oils. In short, it could be good for preparing one-off desserts as an alternative to vegetable margarine but not recommended for daily use. The smoke point of coconut oil is 177 ° C, so it is suitable for frying at a controlled temperature.

Theproperties of coconut oilthey would seem to be much more useful in cosmetics and natural skin and hair care. If applied to the skin, thecoconut oilit nourishes and hydrates it thoroughly. Coconut oil is the perfect ingredient for making soap at home but less suitable for food uses.

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Where to buy coconut oil?

  • 100% Organic and Pure Virgin Coconut Oilby Tiana
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Coconut oil is liquid in summer and solid in winter. It has a very low melting point so in summer it is liquid while in winter it appears as a white solid as shown in the photo above. So don't get confused, there is nococonut butter but it is always the same product, oil.

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