How to organize the change of season

How to organize the change of season

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How to organize the change of season: how to change clothes seasons and organize wardrobes well. Change of season: how and when to do it. Useful tips to have tidy closets and not to crease clothes.

To perform achange of wardrobesreally efficient, it is possible to divide the operation into several steps so as to complete them one at a time, without being overwhelmed by the large amount of clothes to manage. At the organizational level, we can divide thechange of season of the wardrobesin different stages, such as:

  • Empty the cupboards or, empty each single cupboard in the case of larger built-in cupboards.
  • Select disused clothes.
  • Clean the cabinets, from the hangers to the inside walls.
  • Refill the wardrobes with clothes suitable for the upcoming season.
  • Perform the appropriate treatment for each dress of the past season:
    - eliminate the damaged garments
    -Store bulky items in vacuum bags
    -use a polyester case for the most precious items

After listing the four stages, let's see in detailhow to organize the change of seasonperfect!

# 1 How to make the change of season:empty the cupboards

Generally, in the houses, the spaces available are divided intowardrobes among the various members of the family. When emptying the closets, keep track of the ownership of the clothes: divide everything and get help from the owners to identify the garments to be used for recycling or the collection of used clothes.

The clothes must be stored washed and completely dry. If any garment is stained, wash it before putting it back in its box.

# 2 How to organize the change of season:cloths to be given in the collection of used clothes

If it is not easy for you to understand what to keep in the closet and which clothes to throw away in the used clothes collection, you can use these simple questions.

  • How long have I not used it?
  • Does it still fit me?
  • On what occasion can I wear it?
  • Does it have a significant emotional or economic value?
  • Is it ruined or can I have it made by the seamstress?

Answer sincerely and make a selection of the clothes thatthey couldn't survive the change of season.

# 3 How to make the change of season:thoroughly clean the cupboards

When the season changes in the wardrobes, the "spring cleaning" may coincide (yes, it also applies if the change is carried out in the autumn period!), So take the opportunity to thoroughly clean thewardrobesthat you have just emptied.

The best way to clean the wardrobe involves the use of steam cleaners, preferably portable. You can also clean by hand, using a solution of water and white wine vinegar. Let it dry completely before storing your new clothes.

# 4 Fill the wardrobe with clothes suitable for the new season

In pulling off the clothes of the seasonSpring Summer,you will have to order in the drawers and in the wardrobes, all the warmest garments intended for the autumn winter seasons. If, in the previous cycle, you did a good job, you will have to limit yourself to unpacking the garments and hanging them in the closet or drawers. Conversely, if you have done a rough job (without sealing the bags well or without carefully folding the clothes), you will probably have to wash the clothes again and iron them.

# 5 How to handle the clothes from the previous season

It is the most difficult part of the change of season because it is necessary to perform adequate treatment for each garment. For example: shirts should remain hanging while vacuum bags can be used for knitwear. Furs and leather garments should be kept in fabric linings that favor perspiration while skirts and trousers can be relied on to special hangers.

The boxes can be very useful, especially if you can store them in a container bed or in a more secluded area of ​​the wardrobe.

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